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Carbon offsetting is seen by some as a way for mitigating the damage they do to the environment through activities such as flying. Personally I have never bought the idea, it has always seemed to me as a way that the wealthy (in international terms) can pretend that the damage they are doing can be undone. It reminds me of the confessions I had to make as a child, whatever wrong I had done could be undone by an act of contrition and a few ‘Hail Marys’.  I do realise that offsetting does fund some excellent projects in the developing world but why should we pretend that this undoes the damage we have done?

Chris Hutt (http://greenbristolblog.blogspot.com/) has sent me a fantastic link to a website which fantastically satirises the whole offset idea.  The site is called Cheat Neutral and the address is http://www.cheatneutral.com/


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